Please complete instructions and send us the virtual MAC address 


1.Go to your SMART TV app store and install the "SMART STB" app


2.Open the Smart STB App, When you see "Loading portal" screen, Click Enter on remote, Then Go to system settings and then go to Device Info, and take note of your Software ID and Virtual MAC address


3.Head to the website


4.Register on the website and take a 7 days trial of the license by providing software ID and portal url [provided by us] on the website.


5.Once you successfully place the 7 days trial license order on website, Please restart the Smart STB app on your smart TV.  


6.Go to system settings in the app again, then click on Portals, Under Portal Settings, Enter portal 1 name as "IPTV" and enter portal 1 URL as provided by us and then save the settings by clicking the GREEN button on the remote


7. Now restart the smart stb app and Select the portal you just created & wait for the service to load.